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Important Changes to the 2024 Iceman Event
*Timing will be provided by NER (Never Enough Racing)
* Due to lake conditions we have relocated the event to be hosted by Edgetown Tavern at 2087 State Rd 35, Milltown WI. 
*There is no weekend warrior class due to the relocation and timing of the event. 
* Sportsman NA, Sportsman Turbo, Pro Stock and Pro Mod will all race a timed race on Saturday,
*Sportsman classes will race for 2 hours, Pro Stock and Pro Mod will race for 4 hours. 
* Payouts will be 100% payback based on entries per class (50/30/20).
* Entry to the event is $10 per person, each racers packet will have 2 buttons included. These must be visible during the vent for Iceman crew and volunteers to see. Each button is numbered and will be entered into a drawing to win $300/$200/$100 cash. Button will be drawn at the end of the event. 
* Any questions regarding machines and/or tech related please email 
*  For in more in-depth information on rules, classes, etc. please see the PDF at the bottom of the page for further information!

Sportsman NA                  $200
Sportsman  Turbo            $300
Pro Stock                            $400
Pro Mod                              $500
2nd Driver                          $150
Payouts will be 100% payback based on entries per 

        Click on the hyperlink below to register.

Iceman 500 will be using NER (Never Enough Racing) for the 2024 event for timing. 
NER transponder rental is also included in the registration link above.

2024 Iceman 500 Rules



See bottom of page for full PDF version

*No participant in any ICEMAN 500-sanctioned event shall subject any race official, event staff, or volunteer to improper language, threats, physical abuse or any other offensive, harassing, or demeaning language or behavior.

*All pre-running should be conducted according to Promoter’s rules and times.

*Any entrant disqualified from any event for any reason whatsoever forfeits any and all prize money, points, and contingencies won in that event. Entrant will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of entry fee.

*Competitors are responsible for the behavior of all participants acting on their behalf, including but not limited to: their pit crew, support crew, and sponsors. Acts of physical or verbal abuse may be reported to the proper authorities and may lead to legal action. Poor sportsmanship or unsportsmanlike conduct, in the pits or on the course, before, during, or after an official ICEMAN 500-sanctioned event may subject offending or related entrants to disqualification.

*Failure to stage or report to starting line-up by posted or announced time; or failure to stage or line up in time to start at assigned starting time: Rear start or disqualification.

*At all times the Driver of Record assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her pit crews, support crews, and all others associated with his/her team.

*The Iceman 500 assumes no responsibility whatsoever for delays, postponements and/or cancellations of all or part of an event because of inclement weather, unsafe course conditions and/or any other reason.

*Iceman 500 may issue special rulings to account for conditions of the course or any other circumstance.

*All racers designated pit crew must attend and sign in at the mandatory drivers meetings. Times will be included in your racers packet available for pick up on Friday. Failure to attend will result in a penalty.

*Competitors are responsible for the registered vehicle meeting class requirements. Entered class may only be changed at technical inspection per driver’s request. Any vehicle not meeting entered class requirements at the conclusion of the race will forfeit finishing position and any prize money.


*ICEMAN 500 representatives reserve the right to refuse entry to any applicant, team, competitor, entrant, participant, or any other person, to the event for any reason.

*No person shall sign any entry form or release for any other person.

*All competitors must be 18 years of age or older. 



*No participant or any other person except an ICEMAN 500-sanctioned event official shall remove, alter, or relocate course markings. Any person found to have removed; altered or relocated course markings will be subject to disqualification and/or immediate removal from the event area and may be banned from future ICEMAN 500-sanctioned events.

*When encountering an on-course accident, rollover, breakdown, or disabled vehicle, all entrants must make reasonable efforts to check the condition of the competitors involved. Competitors who are involved in an accident, rollover, breakdown, or whose vehicle is disabled must make every effort to signal their condition to passing competitors (e.g. give a thumbs up).

*Short coursing is not permitted and will result in disqualification. Short coursing is defined as any deviation from the marked course resulting in either time or position advantage.

*Speeding in a restricted speed area is a violation and will result in One position and/or time penalty.

*A marked course is the official route designated by and marked by official Iceman 500 crew members. All vehicles must follow this route during the event. No vehicle may deviate from the marked course at any time.

*There is no passing or touching in the scoring chute.

*During any process where Iceman 500 staff are on the race course to recover or assist another race vehicle the 100 feet before and 50 feet after are considered a safe zone. The max speed in the area is 25 mph. Racers cannot gain on other racers in this area. Any violation of this safety zone will mean automatic disqualification of the racer.

*Competitors may not receive any help in repairing a damaged vehicle outside approved pit areas. At no time may a team accept outside assistance from spectators to navigate an obstacle.



*No vehicle shall be permitted to enter pit areas or course area without a valid pit pass displayed. You must go to registration first to receive your pit pass and racer packet.

*Maximum speed limit on all main pit access roads and in all pit areas shall be 25 mph for all vehicles.

*All entrants are responsible for cleaning the pit areas they used during the event.



Listed are all required items!

Any questions email 

  •  4 or 5-point harness - (Must have date stamp no older then 2 yrs.)

  • Window nets or arm restraint

  • No glass windshields or windows 

  • Fire Extinguisher (in race vehicle and min 5lb in pits)

  • Rear facing flashing light (amber or yellow)

  • Helmet with full face shield or goggles 

  • Rear view mirror 

  • Radio Communication between drivers and crew - 

  • Fuel Spill Mat (Spilled fuel on ice = PENALTY)

  • Min 8” race numbers on front, rear, and both sides

  • All race vehicles shall be free from any leaking fluids.

  • All race vehicles must have functioning reverse gear.





* Thursday Feb. 15th 

        10:00am Pits and Registration Open, Will be open until 5:00pm - after 5PM any racer can                                   still access pits to park, MUST check in before Friday's 8AM Drivers Meeting. 


*Friday Feb. 16th

         7:30am Registration

         8:00am Drivers Meeting

         8:30-10:30am Safety Inspection

         11:00am-1:00pm Test and Tune

         2:00pm Qualifying 

* Saturday Feb. 17th

         8:00am Drivers Meeting

         9:30am Line Up

         10:00 Green Flag - Let the race begin!! 



MF44 Endurance 2


AMA  - Kold Kutter



Phone (708) - 534-2897


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